Mental Health Services for Indigenous Peoples in BC

In Canada, Indigenous peoples face unique mental health challenges. Seeking mental health services can be a critical step toward ensuring that Indigenous individuals receive the care they need, however, finding a counsellor who is trained to understand the nuance of Indigenous experiences can be challenging.

An ideal counsellor is one who is culturally sensitive and knowledgeable about Indigenous mental health.

Different therapists specialize in different areas of mental health and it is important to find a therapist who has experience treating the specific issue you're facing. At Chroma Counselling, we approach healing from an inclusive and multicultural perspective.

How to choose the right Therapist for you

Culturally Sensitivitive

Ideally, they should be familiar with Indigenous healing practices as well. A counsellor who is knowledgeable about Indigenous history, traditions, and culture can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking mental health services.Finding a counsellor who is culturally sensitive and knowledgeable about the unique experiences of Indigenous people is essential. An appropriate counsellor should be familiar with the challenges that Indigenous people may face in accessing mental health care.

Accessible & Available

Accessibility and availability is also essential. Factors such as location, hours of operation, and availability for emergency appointments should all be considered when selecting a counsellor. Access may be limited for those individuals living in remote or rural areas, making the kind of online counselling offered by Chroma Counselling all the more essential.

Historical Context

Any counsellor working with Indigenous patients should have a deep understanding of the issues that affect Indigenous communities. The generational trauma and systemic discrimination caused by the residential school system has been disastrous and detrimental. This historical context must be understood and addressed by any counsellor working with Indigenous individuals.

Any counselling relationship needs to be built on trust, but this is particularly true when it comes to offering effective mental health support for Indigenous people. Building a trusting therapeutic relationship is essential for effective care. Individuals must be supported and heard by counsellors who understand them.

How to find a therapist for indigenous people in BC

Local Health Centres

One of the best ways to find a counsellor who specializes in Indigenous mental health is to contact your local Indigenous health centre or community health centre, as they may have a list of counsellors who are experienced in working with Indigenous clients. Appropriately trained counsellors can provide culturally relevant services and can help individuals deal with the unique challenges they may face.

Make sure the therapist you choose has the appropriate training and certifications to provide therapy. This can include specialized training in the area of mental health you're struggling with. Multiple certified counsellors from a variety of backgrounds offer their support at Chroma Counselling.


Referrals from family members, friends, or community leaders are an excellent way to find an appropriate mental healthcare provider. These individuals may have had positive experiences with counsellors who can provide culturally sensitive counselling services. Referrals from people you trust can be incredibly valuable when looking for a counsellor.

In British Columbia, mental healthcare providers can be registered with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). This registration certifies that the provider delivers culturally safe and trauma-informed emotional and mental health services to Indigenous patients.

Online Searches

Searching online for organizations that focus on Indigenous mental health can be fruitful, although it is essential to always do your own research to ensure that any counsellor you select is qualified, experienced, and culturally sensitive.

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