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LGBTQ+ Counselling

A Safe Space for Everyone

Regardless of how you identify, we strive to create a safe and comfortable space for you to explore your concerns. With our education, training and personal lived experience, we are skilled and knowledgeable in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Concerns such as sexuality, relationships, gender identity, gender affirming care and more are all topics we can address together in session.

LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy

We support LGBTQ+ couples to enhance their relationship and connection with one another. Whether your issues are big or small, couples counselling can help you to resolve conflicts, communicate more effectively and foster a greater understanding of each other. Some common issues in couples therapy that we can support you with include:

  • Dealing with infidelity in the relationship
  • Non-monogamy and open relationships
  • Loss of interest in sex or attraction towards each other
  • Frequent conflicts and arguments
  • Communication difficulties
  • Coming out to family and loved ones
  • Family and relationship dynamics
  • And other relationship challenges...

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